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Hanseat® Schlauchtechnik

Your professional service shop, all around hose technology

It begins with a professional consultation, as to what kind of hose or fitting might be best suited for your company; it will then be processed in our workshop before delivery. This usually consists of fitting hose couplings, assembling hose lengths or the shipping of rolled goods. However, Hanseat Schlauchtechnik also offers various other services.

A key feature of our services is not only the new installation of hoses, but also the integration of or crimp connections for your already existing hose stock; for instance if a hose has no visible damage, but the fittings may be less than perfect as a result of continued use and no longer work properly.

A pressure check is often necessary during the course of a new installation or the integration of a previously used hose; it can be performed in-house here in our company. You aren't quite sure if your hose still meets the designated operating pressure? Of course we can perform such a pressure check also without the installation of a new hose. Furthermore, we will issue a test certificate after the successful completion of the pressure check.

Another one of our service offerings can be the labelling of hoses and fittings. This will identify the hoses and make traceability possible. It is achieved by painting the hose coupling a certain colour, for example, or choosing identification in the form of a metal plate around the hose ends, embossed with information about the hose manufacture/installation or the pressure test. Services are provided according to your specific requirements.